Building Refurbishments

  • Addition & Alteration
  • Repair & Redecoration

Since our inception in 2004, QXY Resources has been specialising in building refurbishments and retrofitting, assisting building owners and managers to turn tired assets into more competitive, sustainable and efficient buildings.

QXY Resources has undertaken different levels of refurbishment works, ranging from Repainting, Repair & Redecoration to more substantial Addition & Alteration projects. We are essentially the go-to specialists for our clients’ execution of asset enhancements and space optimisation solutions.

Over the years, we have completed refurbishment works on a broad range of sectors from industrial, residential, commercial to institutional buildings. Our core strengths in technical knowhow, project management and early adoption of innovative and productive construction methods have led us to be the partner of choice for our clients and consultants.



Interior Fit-out

It is our passion to transform the interior designs into aesthetically pleasing and functionally enticing interior decorations that meet our clients’ needs.

From construction and installation of interior fit-out works on a turnkey basis, to the procurement of furniture, fixtures and orchestrating the finishing touches, we see them through to completion.



New Building Construction

Besides building refurbishment and interior fit-out, QXY also constructs new buildings and have track record in using innovative construction methods and completing fast-track projects. Some examples include:

  • Construction of the Interim Annex for Tan Tock Seng Hospital (using prefabricated steel system)
  • Construction of a mixed development shophouse at Seah Street (using pre-fabricated steel system)
  • Construction of the Gastropark of Timbre+ at Launchpad (fast-track project, overcoming structural difficulty of suspending heavyweight shipping containers in mid-air with steel beams and importing capsule-looking caravans as food stalls)

In addition, we also offer design and build (D&B) services where we work closely with architects and consultants to offer our clients a streamlined project delivery through a single contract covering both design and construction services. Two of our notable D&B projects – the Punggol 21 Community Club and PA Water Venture have been awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold and Platinum awards respectively.